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CaterSeal® Gaskets

CaterSeal Gaskets

Save Money    Save Time    Reduce Waste    Reduce Noise    Increase Efficiency   

The CaterSeal® food pan gasket is a patented device made of heat-resistant and dishwasher safe silicone. When applied to a food pan, it creates a tight seal between the pan and lid or commercial grade plastic wrap.

A Tighter Seal

The CaterSeal gasket is a better way to cover pans with a lid or plastic wrap. Pan lids can easily get dislodged and plastic wrap does not stick to food pans securely. In an effort to utilize plastic wrap on pans, professionals developed the "cater wrap." Plastic wrap is wound around a pan of food until there is enough for the wrap to stick to itself and be secure.

CaterSeal gaskets actually secure the lid to the pan and create a tight bond with plastic wrap. This helps prevent spills from loose lids or plastic wrap that comes loose. It allows for a tight seal with a minimum usage of plastic wrap.

Extend The Life Of Your Pans

CaterSeal gaskets protect pan edges from banging against one another. This is especially helpful with plastic pans. Already dented pan edges get a new look when given the CaterSeal treatment.

Energy Savings

When used on all the pans in a steam table, CaterSeal gaskets create a seal from pan to pan. This seal helps prevent steam from escaping and keeps the heat in the table where it belongs. The elimination of rising steam makes for a more visually pleasing steam table and a more pleasant atmosphere for workers and guests.

A Quieter Kitchen

CaterSeal gaskets help reduce the sound created when food pans bang into one another

Less Mess

The gripping qualities of CaterSeal gaskets keep serving utensils from sliding into the pan. This helps reduce food contamination and utensil clean up.

What Sizes Are Available?

Currently CaterSeal® gaskets come in two sizes: for full-and half-size kitchen pans.

Where Can They Be Used?

CaterSeal gaskets can be used to store food, in a steam line, in an oven (they are designed to tolerate 450°F), and in the freezer—virtually anywhere you would find a food pan.

How Can CaterSeal Gaskets Save Time?

By not resorting to "cater wrap," sealing food pans is quick. Since spills are less likely, save time replacing product and cleaning up messes. Since utensils won't slip into pans, time spent cleaning up and replacing contaminated food is eliminated.

What Type Of Pans Can CaterSeal Gaskets Be Used On?

CaterSeal gaskets will work with virtually all metal or plastic pans. Because they are made of flexible silicone they work with banged up or bent pans.

What Colors Are Available?

Currently CaterSeal gaskets come only in black and gray, but virtually any color is available through special order.

What Are CaterSeal Gaskets Made Of?

CaterSeal gaskets are made of FDA-compliant food grade high quality silicone.

How Are They Used?

CaterSeal gaskets can be used either before or after putting on a pan lid or plastic wrap. Commercial grade plastic wrap solidly clings to the CaterSeal gasket and will not lose its 'clinginess' as it is repeatedly removed and replaced.

How Can CaterSeal Gaskets Save Money?

By not "cater wrapping" pans, CaterSeal gaskets will cut plastic wrap expenses BY AT LEAST 75%. Investment is recouped very quickly just in plastic wrap savings alone. Also, when used on pans in a steam line the amount of energy that escapes is reduced resulting in lower energy costs.

  • Easy to apply.
    Can be used with any food pan and lid.
  • Provides an incredible grip for plastic wrap.
  • Can be used in steam lines, ovens, warmers up to 450°F, coolers, and freezers.
  • Keeps the heat in and steam down on steam tables.
  • Prevents serving utensils from sliding into food.
    Helps eliminate pan noise. Protects and rejuvenates pans.
  • Folds in half for easy storage.
  • Dishwasher safe.

CaterSeal® Food Pan Gaskets are available through FMP!

  • No. 133-1511 2 half-size gaskets, gray
  • No. 133-1512 2 half-size gaskets, black
  • No. 133-1513 2 full-size gaskets, gray
  • No. 133-1514 2 full-size gaskets, black
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