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Guardian™ Drain-Lock

Download the Guardian™ Drain-Lock Cut Sheet Guardian Drain-Lock

Protect your Floor Sink and Pipes

The Guardian™ Drain-Lock is a new innovative device designed specifically to protect floor sinks from unwanted debris clogging and backing up plumbing lines, which leads to costly expenditures.

Floor sinks do not come with the ability to screw or lock down strainers. Staff and night cleaners are constantly removing and even throwing away these strainers. Missing strainers allow debris to pass through the pipes, clogging P-Traps and more. Plumbers report finding everything from silverware, plastic ramekins, lemons and straws to avocado seeds, raw chicken pieces, and rags.

Made of stainless steel, the Guardian Drain-Lock is easily installed and locked into the floor in only a matter of seconds. The unique locking mechanism prevents kitchen staff or the cleaning crew from removing it. This simple act brings with it numerous benefits such as decreased risk in insurance claims (for locations over tenants), decrease need for preventative jetting, lower risk in city fines due to a backed up grease interceptor or wrongful discharge, greater sensitivity by staff to keeping floors clean, increased productivity with avoidance of dealing with backed up drains and serious savings on drain cleaning and sewage line repairs.


  • Payback can be less than 3 months
  • Up to 75% decrease in your plumbing expenses
  • Significant decrease in drain cabling
  • Reduces drain line and P-trap replacement
  • Fewer insurance claims

Guardian™ Drain-Locks are available through FMP!

  • No. 102-1165 For 2" drains
  • No. 102-1166 For 3" drains
  • No. 102-1167 For 4" drains
  • Removal Tool

  • No. 142-1604 Required for 2" drains
  • No. 142-1605 Required for 3" and 4" drains
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